Yomari - A special treat on Full Moon

Food has always played a significant role in Himalayan culture. Seasonal change, harvest time and new moon, are all significant part of Himalayan festivals.  A special treat is made by the Newari community of Kathmandu valley on Yomari Punhi, a four day festival which ultimately culminates to a full moon day when Yomari, a special treat  is eaten.

Legend has it that a couple once living in Kathmandu valley made this delicious treat, Yomari from the first yield of their rice harvest. On such an occasion, Kuber, the Hindu god of prosperity happened to have had a taste of this scrumptious treat from this couple. Inevitably, Kuber blessed this couple with wealth and prosperity. Since then, the tradition of eating Yomari has been cherish by the Newari community of Kathmandu valley.

At the end of every harvesting season,Yomari is made in every Newari household. Yomari looks like a Chinese dumpling in the shape of a fish. It is made of rice flour, filled with sesame seeds and cane sugar. It is then steamed like a dumpling. A special worship of goddess Annapurna, the goddess of grains and food is customary during Yomari Punhi. Elders of the family and community bless the younger ones and offer them Yomaris to eat. A special song is sung by children on this day as they visit various homes in the neighbourhood, tasting Yomaris and receiving special gifts.

Yomari can be eaten as a “prasad”, a religious offering to gods or it can be enjoyed as a special festive treat. If you want to taste Yomari, visit Himalaya Restaurant Bangkok on 3rd December where it will be served to all the guests as a special festive treat.


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