Three Things To Eat In Himalaya Restaurant on Tihar

Food is a vital component of any festival.If you happen to some authentic Nepalese food this festive season of Tihar,try these three dishes in Himalaya Restaurant Bangkok. Savour the authentic flavor and enjoy the festival.

1.Chicken Choyla


No Newari feast is complete without this dish. Tihar is yet another occasion to enjoy this all time favorite dish. Chicken is cooked in fresh spice and Himalayan herbs. You can order this dish either as an appetizer or as a main course along with rice and other curries. Don’t get confused with this dish with any other chicken dish you’ve had before.The taste of Chicken Choyla in Himalayan Restaurant is unique and tantalizing. If not finger licking,this dish is surely worth ordering for a second helping.


2. Plain Bara


This simple pan cake -looking dish is another amazing food that must be eaten this Tihar in Himalaya Restaurant. Bara is always a part of Newari feast because it is a versatile dish. You can either have it as a snack with some Himalayan tea or, you can enjoy it with a side dish like “Aloo Sadeko”, potatoes with spices. It is made of lentils, so if you are a vegetarian you will surely have no qualms ordering this dish twice. Bara is an exclusive dish since it is available only at HImalayan Restaurant Bangkok.


3. Bhatmas Sadeko


If you are craving for some salad then you should try Bhatmas Sadeko, Soybean salad served with fresh herbs. This dish is great for vegans and vegetarians. If you are confused on what to order with this dish, try ordering flatten rice. Fresh herbs, subtle hint of spices, and the green color of the soybean itself, makes this salad refreshing to the taste buds. Depending on what you are craving for, this dish is ideal as an appetizer.


To flush down all the spices and goodness try drinking Himalayan Masala tea after your meal. The spices, flavors and above all the experience will linger on long after the festival. Make sure you visit Himalayan Restaurant Bangkok this festive season. Happy Tihar!



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