Seven Days of Dashai

The first day that marks the advent of “Dashai” or “Dusshera” is known as “Ghatasthapana” in  Nepal. A special “puja”, a ritual is done by the priests in which  barley seeds, “jamara” are sown in a vessel known as “kalash”. The seeds will grow by the 7th day of this auspicious festival. The “kalash” is kept away from sunlight and fresh water is added every day. This vessel is worshipped everyday by the member of families.

This ritual usually takes place in the worship room of the family also known as “puja ghar” or “mandir”.  In many parts of Indian subcontinent, this festival is also known as  “Nauratha”or “Navtratri” is 9 days of festival in the honor of Goddess Durga. “Navratri” or “Nauratha”  culminates to “Dusshera” or “ Dasahai “ in Nepal. “Ghatasthapana” is very significant in Hindu religion as it is a part of invocation of Goddess Durga, the Goddess of power.  

According to legends Goddess Durga killed the evil demon Mahishasura in nine days of aggressive battle. On the tenth day, Durga killed Mahishasura. This day is celebrated as “Dashai” or “Dusshera”.

The 7th Day of “Dashai” is known as “Fulpati”. It is the seventh day of the festival. “Ful” means flower and “Pati” means leaves. Nine special ingredients called “Navapatriva” are essential components of “Fulpati”. These plants are brought inside the “puja ghar” and worshipped along with the “jamara” that was planted on the day of “Ghatasthapana”.

On the tenth day the “Navapatriva” is taken out and put in the river. “Fulpati” is a very significant festival as it signifies welcoming the nine forms of Goddess Durga into the house who brings health, wealth and happiness. Often times parades are organized by local government where locals gather in traditional costumes, carrying flowers and leaves, and cannons are fired as a symbol of festivity and joy.


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