3 Best Dishes to Order in Himalaya Restaurant

#1. Best Seller

Momos are undoubtedly the best seller at Himalaya restaurant. In fact, there was a momo cooking class held for all momo lovers few months ago. What make Himalaya restaurant momos different from other restaurants is the ingredients that are used in the filling of the dumpling. The chef here uses Himalayan herbs and ingredients from Nepal, which gives the momos a distinctive local flavor of Nepal. Typically you would order the steamed momos which is served with some spicy sauce. However, there are other varieties like “Chili Momos” and “Achar momos “ which are more spicy. Momo photos are flooded in the Himalaya restaurant Facebook page and if you like and share a momo photo, you can actually get a 10% discount on your momo order. 

#2. Chef’s Recommendation

Prince Harry Curry, which sounds like a royal dish is actually a special lamb and chicken which was a favorite of Prince Harry when he was stationed in Afghanistan. The Gurkha soldiers prepared this special dish for him and he liked it very much. Therefore, the ingredients and spices that go into this curry are very special. The chef recommends this curry with naan bread. You will surely feel royal after tasting this curry.

#3. Dish of the month

Every month the chef at Himalayan restaurant introduces a special new dish. The latest dish of the month is “Chana Sadeko”, black chickpea salad, with a hint of lime. Besides being a great appetizer, it is also highly nutritious. This appetizer goes well with a hot cup of masala tea. In case you are looking for something extra special, don’t hesitate to inquire about the “Dish of the Month” at Himalaya restaurant.


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