Best places to visit in Bangkok when you are broken-hearted

Bangkok seems to be such an upbeat place where everyone seems to be enjoying each other’s company. Yet there are moments when the glitz and pageantry of this city seems dull and void. Hearts are broken and mended everyday in this great city of smiles. When pain seems overwhelming, where broken hearted people go?

Here are 3 best places to visit when you are brokenhearted in Bangkok.

1. Lumpini Park

The best advice one has ever gotten while feeling low has been to take a walk. Lumpini Park would definitely be one of those places to take one of those therapeutic walks to uplift your spirit. The park not only offer fresher air but also provides quietness that is much needed in times like these. Don’t hesitate to let those tears flow, feel the pain, let go and allow yourself time to heal. Stay in the park and process your feelings. Deal with your pain and don’t be embarrassed to embrace your emotion. You will leave the park feeling a bit tranquil like the park itself.

2. Holy Rosary Church

Located in the peaceful banks of Chao Praya river is Holy Rosary church, which a refuge in times of storm. Entering the church you will experience your desire to shut down the world behind you which in this case is literally what it is. The church is secluded from the hustle and bustle of the city. The gothic architecture and the soothing calmness have a balmy healing effect. Take your burdens to God and let him carry them for you. Close your eyes and feel the love that surrounds you. Draw close to God and tell him everything you are going through.

3. Himalaya Restaurant

A hot cup of Himalayan masala tea with trusted friend to unburden your pains is a perfect solution to finding solace. Tucked away from the crowded streets of Sukhumvit, Himalaya Restaurant offers that much needed privacy when you want to have deep personal conversation with a friend. It’s amazing how better and how lighter you will feel when you sit hot masala tea and talk to someone who cares for you.


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