3 Himalayan Mysteries

There is something mysterious about the word “Himalaya” irrespective of whether you’ve watched it on Nat Geo or read it in books. So what really constitute the mystery around this word? Is it the portrayal by popular media or is it the fact that is yet to be proved. 

Here are 3 Himalayan mysteries that are intriguing.

Mystery #1. The Land of Immortal Beings

Supernatural beings have always been a part of Himalayan legends, mystifying the world by living in hiding. Gyanganj, the city of immortal being is believed to be located between India and Tibet where eternal beings called sadhus, the enlightened beings along with other external entities influence the world by its cosmic powers. This land is concealed from our mere human eyes and perhaps unreached with any modern technology. A reference to this eternal land where death has no power is frequently referenced in Hindu and Buddhist spiritual texts.  Yogis often aspire to reach Gyanganj through intensive meditation and supernatural practices.

Mystery #2. Legends of Guru Rimpoche

One image that strikes every onlooker in The Tiger’s Nest monastery or Paro Taktsang is the image of the Buddhist sage Guru Rimpoche, with piercing eyes sitting on a lotus. He is also known as Padmadmasambhava and is said to have transported himself to this cave in Bhutan riding on the back of a tiger. He is believed to have meditated in this cave for over three years after which he converted the Bhutanese people to Buddhism. Devotees and tourist pour in from all around the world to take a glimpse of this monastery and offer prayers all year round. People who visit the shrine of Guru Rimpoche today have spiritual and mysterious experiences when they pay homage here.

Mystery #3. Red Snow

Bloody snow is what appears to be found at Himalayan range in its 5,000 plus peak. The main reason behind the bloody pigmentation seems to be nothing but red due the presence of some algae. From a distance this pigmentation causes the mountains to look fiery and hence the mystery of the red snow of the Himalayas comes forth. The red snow is a mysterious phenomenon that can be explained scientifically, yet it is still alluring.


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