Essential clothing items for Himalayan Women

Hemlines rise and fall. Denim gets ripped apart and get’s patch work along the way. Yet when it comes to traditional dresses and ethnic wears women still seem to treasure their collection of traditional outfits in their closets.

Here are 3 timeless traditional clothing items every Himalayan woman posses no matter where she may be living.

1. Cahubandi Cholo - Every Himalayan woman is bound to possess a set of traditional chaubandi cholo, a traditional blouse worn in Nepali culture. The fabric of this blouse can range from the traditional red and black geometric print to elaborate brocade fabric in silk and velvet.  The blouse is typically designed in a wrap around style with either hooks or strings that can be tied. This blouse is usually worn with sari or traditional warp around called “phariya”. Due to the versatile nature of this blouse, it can be easily blended with any colors and style of sari one is wearing. A woman in Chaubandi cholo never fails to impress the onlooker.

2. Sari - In an age of sparse clothing whole 5 yards draped around a woman may not seem to be the ideal outfit for a woman. A sari is one outfit that adds elegance to any woman adoring it. Saris materials can range from cotton, silk, brocade and chiffon, all available in various designs and patterns to match the occasion. Saris in Himalayan regions are a common outfit worn by women at work and parties. This 5 yards of drape is often passed on from generations to generations as it’s considered an heirloom piece. Although sari is draped  in different styles in the Himalayan region, the simplest drape  requires a lot of practice and patience. Nonetheless sari when worn by any woman enhances her elegance and demeanor.

3. Salwar Kurta - An outfit that is worn by Himalayan women on any given occasion is salwar kurta, a three piece attire comprising of pajamas, shirt and a scarf. Considered as one of the most comfortable outfits to be worn in Himalayan region, salwar kurta is worn by women of all ages. Like saris, salwar kurtas are also available in various materials and designs. Salwar kurtas also complement all body types as the attire can be adjusted and custom made accordingly. Some conservation institutions also require students to wear salwar kurt as a dress code to maintain uniformity and tradition.


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