Best Drinks to Drink This Summer in Bangkok

Like a fish out of water, Bangkokians feel parched and languid in the summer heat all looking for a chilled drink to quench that ravenous thirst. Although water is the best drink to gurgle down to stay hydrated, there is also that craving for something cold to stay cool. There is no dearth for choice of cool drink be it in 7 Eleven stores or cafes. However, there are only few drinks that do that magical work of cooling one down.

Here are three best drinks to drink this summer in Bangkok.

1. Coconut water - Being the most rampant drink on the streets of Bangkok, coconut water is often undermined in Bangkok. Nonetheless, chilled coconut water when chugged down on a hot summer afternoon is probably the best cooler. It is not only refreshing but is also loaded with natural nutrients to rehydrate one’s body. It’s always the best choice over a can of soda or sugar laden milkshakes from the roadside stalls.  

2. Black Grass Jelly Drink - Although black may not be the ideal color for a cool drink, but black grass jelly known as “Chau Kuai” is the best form of dessert in summer. When served with syrup water and ice, this beverage lowers blood pressure hence serving health benefits as well. It is also frequently served with milk tea and fruit smoothies to give it a jelly like taste which can be chewed or drunk without any hesitation.

3. Manogo Lassi at Himalaya Restaurant - If you like mangoes and yogurt then  this drink will surely be the first thing you order at Himalaya Restaurant. The first sip of this smooth blend of yogurt, mangoes and ice will get you in agreement with the fact that mango lassi in Himalaya Restaurant is indeed the best signature summer drink. Since summer is the season for mango mania in Thailand, it is the perfect time to sip this rich slushy drink and enjoy the cool ambiance of Himalaya Restaurant at Sukumvit 31. 


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