Himalayan Festivals you can celebrate in Bangkok

Our culture and heritage are usually reflected in our festivals. Himalayan culture is synonymous with its festivals that involve feasting and celebration. Although most Himalayan festivals are of religious significance, they are equally important for sustaining cultural harmony. Here are three important Himalayan festivals celebrated in Bangkok.

Himalayan Festival #1: Holi

One of the most lively and colorful festivals is Holi which welcomes spring. Holi is also known as “festival of colors” and “festival of  love.”  Analogous with the Thai festival of Songkran, Holi is also a festival to be drenched in colorful water and colors. Holi is usually celebrated at the end of February or middle of March. Streets in Nepal and India are crowded with people smearing colors and throwing water balloons.

Vibrancy of this festival is boosted by lively songs  accompanied by dance moves to add more spirit to the day. Bangkok doesn’t fail to keep pace every year when it’s time to celebrating  Holi. The VHP Association of Thailand usually organizes Holi celebrations every year. Don’t miss out on the next Holi celebrations in the city.

Himalayan Festival #2: Dashain or Dusshera

This longest festival on Himalayan calendar lasts for 15 days where every day is designated for a special celebration. Dashain is notably celebrated on the 10th day where families reunite to receive “tika”, a mixture of  rice, yogurt and vermillion is put on the foreheads by elders. This ritual of taking “tika” from elders is an act of renewal of family bonds. Youngsters offer gifts like fruits and sweets to elders who in turn bless them with “tika” and “dakshina”, some money as a blessing. This festival lasts for the next five days where families and relatives take time to visit all blood relations.

Another integral part of this festival is the cuisines that are prepared to celebrate this festive season. Dashain this year falls on September 30. Don’t forget to visit Himalaya Restaurant on Sukumvit 31 this year to celebrate Dashain with your friends and families. They serve plenty of typical Dashian dishes like Bara, momos, khasi ko masu, aloo dum and other mouth watering dishes to spice up the festivity.

Himalayan Festival #3: Diwali or Deepawali

Close cousins with Loy Krathong festival in Thailand, Diwali is the grandest of all Himalayan festivals. Houses are lit with lamps ,colorful patterns decorate floors and doors, fire crackers burst in the air, gifts are exchanged and  sweets are eaten to all symbolize the victor y for light over darkness. Diwali is also the perfect festival to throw a party for families and friends. Indian sweetmeat or “mithai”, and some popular snacks like samosas, chivda and pakodas are some cherished items on a Diwali parties.

Diwali usually falls on days by calculating the position of the moon and the Hindu lunar calendar. In Bangkok many event management companies and associations organize Diwali balls and parties which are accompanied by great food and musical performances. Don’t miss out on this years’ Diwali ball around September 19 in Bangkok. Check the social media events which may be flooded with Diwali parties and balls around Bangkok city during Diwali.

Himalaya Restaurant Bangkok always celebrates all these festivals. Make sure you visit us for some great food and colorful celebrations. 


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