2 Amazing Cultural Experiences in Bangkok

Besides being a popular tourist destination, Bangkok also prides itself in being a home to many diverse populations from all over the globe. This vibrant multicultural city offers many cultural experiences to connoisseurs of cultures. Here are top 3 cultural experiences you can savor in Bangkok on any given day.

Experience 1. Visit Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Sabha

Located in the heart of Pahurat, fondly called Little India in Bangkok is Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Sabha, the only Sikh temple in Bangkok. The golden dome of the temple will be visible as you approach the one-way street to India Emporium. As it’s in a Sikh temple, you will be required to dress modestly, so make sure your attire is decent for the occasion. As you enter the temple you will receive a gracious welcome by the receptionist. You can deposit your bags and shoes at the counter and borrow a scarf to cover your head, a practice of showing respect in Sikhism.

The temple has six floors; each floor with designated halls for various religious activities. The sixth floor is where the main prayers take place. Rugs and carpets are spread on the floor for devotees to sit cross-legged in silence or offer a reverent bow to the altar at the center where the holy book, Guru Granth is placed. Offerings can also be placed on the offering boxes which are placed near the alter. Langar is a special meal that is served on the first floor of this temple where visitors and devotees are served free vegetarian meal. This house of worship is a great cultural experience to give you a perspective on understanding the community at large.

Experience 2. Explore Charoenkrung Road

In the midst of the high-rise condominiums, towers, unfinished skyscrapers, sits this 150-years-old Charoenkrung Road that entices visitors with its classic charm. The exteriors of this road welcomes you with a few rundown shophouses that seem to still hold their legacies together. Historically, the Chinese immigrants not only inhabited but also built most of Charoenkrung. Today the remnants of the Chinese community still continue to retain their identity through their various businesses which they run through their shophouses.

If you want to enjoy good street-food, then Charoenkrung is the place to be. Food stalls selling roasted duck, noodle soup, desserts and popular Thai and Chinese snacks are popular eateries that bring food lovers from all over the city. Besides the flavors, the sights of Chinese herbs, traditional bakeries, traditional apothecary, and temples with Thai and Chinese architectural styles all offer unique experience to locals and tourists.

Experience 3. Taste Himalayan Culture

It’s out of the question to want to have a calm Himalayan experience when you are grappling with scorching April heat in Bangkok. If you ever want to escape the regular hustle and bustle of Bangkok, you should without any doubt head to Himalayan Restaurant in Sukumvit Soi 31. The place offers a very unique culinary experience.

The entrance of the restaurant itself transports you to Nepal. Colorful prayer flags, photos of Everest, brightly colored walls with ethnic decors, artifacts in display collectively offer a Himalayan experience. Besides offering a new palate, the restaurant also promotes Nepali and Himalayan culture through various events and activities which are hosted periodically here. If you happen to meet Mr. Assajita Awale, the owner of the restaurant, he will unhesitatingly describe the elaborate menu and help you select the best dish. Mr. Awale is extremely approachable and he has a wealth of knowledge on Himalayan culture and travels as well. This is one stunning restaurant to tantalize your taste buds with all kinds of Himalayan spices and get some free travel advice.

Regardless of which experience you choose (we recommend all of them!), remember to celebrate diversity and promote acceptance of all cultures and religions.


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