The True Essence of Himalayan Cuisines

The True Essence of Himalayan Cuisines

The word “Himalaya” usually evokes the majestic peaks of Everest, tribal culture, religions, music, traditions and festivals. What’s unique about the Himalayan culture is the fact that many ethnic groups come under this broad term ‘Himalayan’ namely: Bhutanese, Nepalese, Tibetan, Indian, and even Chinese cultures. But the true essence and exuberance of Himalayan culture is expressed in the richness of its cuisines.

Here are three famous Himalayan recipes that are not only tasty, but they are well favored throughout the globe.

Himalayan Recipe #1

Emma Datshi (Bhutanese cuisine) - This national dish of Bhutan is sure to burn your mouth, numbing your tongue and setting your tummy on a violent journey. Yet, it seems to make this food famous, exciting and delicious. It is a simple recipe made up of chili peppers “emma” and cheese “datshi” in Dzongkha. Additional ingredients like beef, garlic, tomatoes, potatoes and onions accompany the cheese and peppers in a big pot which is cooked over high heat.

This hot and spicy dish is eaten with a bowl of rice. A word of caution! Before you order this dish, make sure you inform the restaurant on the amount of chili you prefer in the dish.

Himalayan Recipe #2

Choyala (Nepali cuisine) - This Newari dish is undisputedly the most popular appetizer that pairs well with alcohol. Typically the Newaris eat this dish during festivals and feasts in Nepal. This lip-smacking dish can be made of grilled meat of any kind. Boiled chicken is fried with onions, chilies, garlic and ginger. The most distinguished flavor in this dish is the fenugreek seeds that are heated and tossed into the fried meat with other ingredients.

Not to forget, the hint of lemon this gives it that limey tang! Nepalese restaurants serving Newari food are sure to have this scrumptious appetizer on their menu.


Himalayan Recipe #3

Tibetan Momo (Tibetan cuisine) - Momo, as a Tibetan cuisine, stands in the hall of fame as the most appreciated Himalayan cuisine. Although momos resemble dumplings or gyozas, they are often confused to be the same dish due to their strikingly similar appearance. However, momos are distinctively different from their other counterparts. The dough of the momos is made from flour and they are stuffed with minced meat mixed with different ingredients. They can also come in various variations such as vegetarian, steamed, fried, or dipped in sauce (achar).

The beauty of this dish is its shape: half moon, rounded balls of dough that are pinched and curved along the edges, giving it an intricate design. Steamed momos are served with soup and hot sauce (achar) as a dip.

I’m sure these three Himalayan recipes have made you drool already, so head over to Himalaya Restaurant in Bangkok (Sukhumvit Soi 31) to experience these mouthwatering cuisines. 


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